TEST of Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 3: A question of trust

If all is not perfect in the small world of Life is Strange Before the Storm , pre-order of the very touching Life is Strange , and we can nevertheless say that the good people of Deck Nine have managed to get away with honors on both first shutters. Is the conclusion of this adventure involving Chloe Price and Rachel Amber up to our expectations?

TEST of Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 3 A question of trust

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Picking up after the conclusive revelation Splendid New World , Hell is Empty brings us back to the Amber first, where Rachel struggles to cash out what her father entrusted to her after she exploded with rage. Chloe is there, accompanies her, and supports her, during explanations about her past. But the pill is hard to swallow for the teenager, who ends prostrate on her bed. After successfully attracting his attention, our heroine specializing in the unfolding of major in any circumstance will try everything to help him find the mother she would like to meet. In defiance of his own family but also and, above all, great dangers.

All about my mother

Less suffocating than the last episode of Life is Strange that of this triptych remains moving. We discover the beginning of the physical transformation of Chloe, who will also be able to walk in some places to discuss, observe, letting the player absorb a lot of data that may be unimportant but always giving more body to the whole. And we learn much more about a devastated Rachel, endearing and determined. The jolts of the scenario will put the latter to the test in a way that will always give more responsibility to the player, who can only go towards his main goal – involving to preserve the beautiful blonde with whom we have a beautiful relationship and pure . Or at least try, since for this episode, the rhythm is much slower.

To the point that one sometimes thinks that the diction of the dialogues, always nicely interpreted, as well as the succession of plans were deliberately slowed down as much as possible. For what purposes? Maintain the “shelf life” (count three good hours)? We lead us to wonder about the nature of this adventure, perhaps dreamed, even if the fantastic is only a small portion? Who knows.

The trust is out there

Rather dense in information and rich in upheavals, characterizing with talent its protagonists, playing on the relationship of trust, Hell is Empty yet seems sometimes a little expeditious on certain details and without real surprises – mainly because we know the rest. But more problematic, it will never give the impression that the choices made previously had a real impact. This is far from being a denouement to denigrate. The writing remains afloat, the general atmosphere full of melancholy, continues to carry us and we suffer, we wonder with its main characters. Now If you want to download this PC Game or such Full PC Games Free Download Full Version, then you need to visit fully PC games to download it. FullyPCGamess is all about PC games free download full version for Windows 8 of all the games Audience in all over the entire world. Visit us to download free full version of all such games.